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10 Ways To Get The Interview

Many times an interview is obtained through an introduction or a common connection, working a network or a search firm. But, when you need more than that, getting attention to get the interview can be difficult.

Here are a few things to pay attention to as you prepare for a job search:

  1. Social media: spend some time on your personal profiles to ensure they are either private or presentable

  2. Social media: spend some time on your professional profiles to ensure they market your accomplishments as well as articulate where you intend to take your career

  3. Research: research your target company, be able to speak about them, articulate why you are attracted to that particular employer, and have specific questions prepared that demonstrate you are interested and prepared

  4. Marketing materials: put together a website marketing yourself, a portfolio of work, a resume that stands out

  5. Connect with the hiring manager: pick up the phone or connect online, be direct, use your network and ask for introductions

  6. Know your strengths: be able to confidently speak about your strengths

  7. Resume: be specific, be direct, brag and align the wording of your resume to specific positions you are targeting

  8. Reduce their risk: a new hire is an expensive commitment, demonstrate you can do the job by how you present your past work experience

  9. Don't rely on job boards: network, meet people, be direct and ask for introductions

  10. Stand out: don't be afraid to use your network, market your accomplishments, do a video resume

Most of all, do not get discouraged. Be consistent, professional, and focused.

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