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Q: I want to work for a company with a culture that aligns with my values and treats me well. What do I look for in the interview process?

A: Good for you, I always encourage people to look at the company as a whole when considering a job change. People leave people, not positions.

First, write down what you are looking for. Take some time to think it through, write down your needs, and prioritize them. Keep this list and refer to it as you start interviewing.

Second, write down a few questions that you have to have answers to in order to feel comfortable. Make sure you either directly ask these questions or have them answered during the process.

Next, pay attention! Pay close attention to how you are treated, communicated with, follow up timelines, decision making, and the overall interaction while you interview. Take those impressions and compare them to your list.

Using this strategy diligently should align you with an employer that will treat you the way

you want to be treated.

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