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Attracting Talent

Talent attraction. The step before talent acquisition can even occur. As an employer, you have to attract the right individuals to apply for your positions to meet your human capital goals. Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on branding, messaging, content, and launch. However, most small employers can not invest at this level. This does not mean you have to lose out or sit by the sidelines. Talent attraction is really a fairly simple thing, when you break it down to steps and actionable items.

We know from years of experience, talent looks for a few things when considering a potential employer. These things include:

*Leadership - who is driving the ship

*Peers - who will I be working with

*Reputation - or the "wow" factor - especially with millennials they want to work for a company they can brag about to their friends, what is this company doing that is cool or exciting

*Values - what does this company stand for, do my values align with the company's values

Take a look at the above list. It is not exhaustive, but it is a starting point. What is your company doing already that will be attractive to a candidate and use it. Get your message out in front of the talent pool and begin the conversation.

To discuss a talent attraction strategy with us, book a consult at:

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