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Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

Finding talent is only part of the equation when it comes to creating high-performing teams. Based on decades of experience evaluating, hiring for, and engaging high-performing teams, the ones that stand out have a few consistent characteristics. Understand, these characteristics are not just "there", they are planned for and nurtured.

True leaders form teams based off of clear plans with an end goal in mind. They hire or pair groups based on characteristics needed to drive toward a goal, they carefully put together the appropriate players, and they nurture an environment of empowerment and let their employees do what they do best.

A few characteristics that stand out as consistently present on stand out high-performing teams include:


Everyone on a high performing team can articulate what they are there to do and how they are going to achieve the end result. Each individual knows their role, understand clearly what deliverables they are responsible for, and can speak to them.


The top performing teams I have worked with create a practice of open communication. Feedback is continual and integrated in to work behaviors and actions.


By far, integrity is the most important characteristic to a high performing team. Without integrity, people will doubt goals, won't give feedback, and second guess actions of others. Integrity is the foundation upon which high-performing teams will thrive.

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