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I can't hire!

Q: I have interviewed dozens of candidates and have not found any that meet my needs.

A: If you have interviewed dozens of candidates and can't pick one, we have to evaluate your expectations. There is no "perfect" candidate, so the best thing to do is get out of that mindset!

Review the position, responsibilities, and your team/company. Prioritize what you NEED in a candidate. What are the things this person must walk in with that can not be trained. This may be a unique skillset you don't have the resources to train, or a personality type that will be suitable to the team they will be joining.

Pick the top several items that are your non-negotiable items. Then prioritize the rest of your "needs" and understand they are wants. Go into the interview looking for reasons this person would or would not fit your new list of needs/wants and evaluate from there.

There are a lot of bright, motivated people in the job market, but if you think you need "everything" in one person, you will be stuck with an open position for a long time.

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