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Interview Anxiety

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

The Interview. The dreaded activity many of my clients get anxiety over. Even the most well educated, networked, accomplished professionals typically dread the Interview process.

The Interview itself signifies a huge life event. Changing your day to day, your commute, colleagues, expectations, leaving comfort and going in to the unknown. But, if you are prepared, the process itself is something you can go in to with confidence.

Here are some common things I suggest to my clients as they decide to start the Interview process:

*Know where you want your career to go. Do not agree to every interview; be clear and specific about your goals and only apply to and interview for positions that will allow you to grow toward those long term goals.

*Know the Company. Figure out why are you applying there, what is interesting, what are their key differentiators, what do their current and past employees say about them, what do their customers say.

*Understand the Culture you are looking for. This one is often overlooked. We interview for positions, and overlook the Culture. But Culture drives turnover as well as retention. Ask yourself what company you enjoyed the most and why. Map out those details and be aware.

*Outline your accomplishments. We all know our backgrounds. We can talk about what responsibilities we had. But what did you DO, what business impact did you have, what will you be remembered for. Write out those things, talk them through, get comfortable "bragging" so to speak.

You can take the anxiety out of interviewing. The anxiety associated with life changes, we will leave that to another day!

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