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Interview Attire

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

One of the major anxiety issues for candidates that I hear about, always on the side, always posed as a question everyone is embarrassed to ask, is "What do I wear?".

You are right to ask the question! And the answer is not cut and dried, but the dreaded it depends.

It depends on the environment. In a creative agency, you are going to dress differently than if you are interviewing at a bank or an accounting firm. However, there are a few rules:

*Always dress UP the food-chain: dress for a few levels higher than the position you are interviewing for, no matter what the environment of the office is

*Clean and pressed: never go in dirty or wrinkled, and don't forget the lint roller

*Shoes count: this is the time you have permission to splurge on the shoes! If they are not new, get them polished, shoes make a statement

*Handbag: choose a tidy handbag that is not overflowing, or a briefcase with a few resumes in it, slide your keys and wallet in there. Don't bring multiple bags, don't have a week's worth of receipts, kid's toys, and change rattling around.

*Fit: whatever you choose should fit you well and make you feel confident and ready

To summarize, what you wear is a big decision. Choose wisely, choose in advance, and feel confident in whatever it ends up being.

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