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Interview Dis-engagement

Q: We keep losing candidates during the interview process. Our teams are short human capital and this is impacting our business outcomes.

A: You must look at your process. Your interview process should be as much vetting as it is courting. Remember - this is a candidate driven market. The US is at what is considered full employment. This means, candidates have choices. Candidates are also as well informed as we have seen, have multiple sources of quick information on your company, and are educating themselves.

Here are a few pointers:


*Know what makes your company attractive to the talent pool as a whole

*Know why your current talent is engaged

*Educate yourself about what benefits and perks the position offers

*Be able to discuss the expected hours and attitude toward flexible scheduling

*Speak about the team's culture, structure, and advancement potential

*Involve the manager this person would be reporting directly to and have that individual prepared to discuss their leadership style, future outlook for the team, and challenges they may be looking to overcome in the next year

*Discuss where the company is headed, what goals are set, and how this individual can be involved

Balance is the key to a good interview engagement experience. Question the candidate enough to evaluate them, and be prepared to sell them on the company and opportunity while you have their attention. If you don't, your competition will.

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