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Interviewing, What Questions Do I Ask

Basic interview structure requires the interviewee to ask the interviewer questions. Our candidates regularly stress about this portion, and they should. Our clients report that interviewees who have no questions seem disinterested, those that ask too general of questions seem unprepared, and those that ask really nosy questions come across as high maintenance.

So, as a candidate, where do you begin?

I encourage our candidates to prepare. Research. Do your homework, on both the company and the position. In this stage look at the company's website, financials, social media, news stories, subscribe to their newsletter. Look for new projects, innovations, news stories, non-profits they are involved in. Also, thoroughly research the position. Review the job description and accountabilities. Connect with others in this position at the company if you have the network and ask questions.

Develop questions around both the company and the position. All questions should be:


*Relevant to the position or department

*Timely to what the company is working on

*Forward focused, align yourself with the future of the organization.

I tell my candidates to get personal, ask about the interviewer's direct experience at the company.

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