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Resume Basics

The resume is a tried and true method of presenting our experience and a necessary part of the hiring process. Though the format can seem antiquated, cumbersome, or flat, almost every hiring authority I have worked with has required them.

Where do you start. We suggest all resumes include:

*Contact information - make it easy for them to contact you, visible, easy to read font

*Chronological progression - most hiring reps prefer to know your timeline, though it may not always be the best way to showcase your talents, it is preferred in the hiring chain

*Results over responsibilities - what impact did you have at your previous employers, what did you learn, what did you achieve is much more impactful than bullet points of responsibilities

*Resumes should always be specific to the position you are applying to - don't do one and forget it, take a few minutes to customize

To get started on yours, book an appointment with us to discuss your needs:

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