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Social Media and Employment

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

79% of people use social media as part of their job search. Many of my corporate clients come to me with blank stares when asked about their social media strategy. But most candidates have stories, good and horrendous, about their social media impressions of prospective employers.

As an employer in the current climate it is critical to manage your social media presence. Social media is a comfortable place to engage with prospective employees and your approach must be strategic. A few things to consider:

*Authenticity and Consistency- your marketing materials, recruitment materials, and orientation materials should be consistent if you want people engaging with you to truly believe in who you are. Social media falls in to this grouping, what you say here should align in to one consistent voice.

*Engagement - you must manage your social media feeds. If someone is messaging you, message back. Engage in a digital dialogue, make them feel heard and important.

*And finally, Planning - while social media posts occupy a moment in time, that doesn't mean they should not be planned. Take some time to explore your goals as an employer, what your differentiators are, and how you want to be positioned. All of your messages should fit within that larger framework.

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