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Traits That Will Land You Your Dream Job

Landing a dream job with the ideal company takes planning, preparation, and resilience. Part of that planning is figuring out what traits your ideal company finds necessary and highlighting what you bring to the table as it relates to those needs.

We have worked with companies large and small and have learned a lot about what they prioritize. Many parameters are black and white, x number of years experience, a specific degree, etc...those are easy to display and become a simple way for companies to group individuals.

However, the grey area is what stumps many of our clients as well as candidates, but is consistently equally as or more important to retention and engagement. Defining what personality traits are necessary to survive in a company's culture takes reflection, evaluation, and honesty. From a candidate perspective, figuring out what traits you truly possess requires the same. These traits will vary from company to company but some consistent themes we see are:

*Curiosity - star employees will bring a curious nature to the job

*Dedication - the ability to drive toward goals with resilience, commitment and reliability

*Adaptability - outside the box thinkers that strive for innovation and efficiencies and can adjust to changing parameters with ease


Take some time to do a personal evaluation to outline your personality traits, then map out how you can display those in the interview.

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