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Making the most of Linkedin

Linkedin has become a professional calling card so to speak, and almost necessary if you want to "exist" in the current market place. For awhile it was a place only people looking for jobs and recruiters had profiles. Now it has become necessary to have a presence for almost everyone in business. When you go to sell your services, your prospects will look you up. Your clients will look, your next employer will look.

In order to make the best impression, here are a few tips:

*Title yourself in a way that describes your skillset. some companies use creative titles that only mean something to their own staff. That won't attract any attention. Ensure your title is clear, concise, and understandable to the general public. This will ensure you show up in search results.

*Use professional photos only. This is not a pure social site, nor is it a dating site. Put your best foot forward but leave the vacation and family pictures for other social media sites.

*Include a resume or projects that you may include in a portfolio. Prospects will visit your site if you are selling your services. Use that opportunity to put your best foot forward. Highlight your successes and capabilities.

*Take advantage of the "Summary" section. Invest a little time telling your professional story, impact, and why anyone should pay attention. Don't be afraid to highlight your impact and potential.

A little extra time spent ensuring your digital calling card is as impactful as your website or sales presentation may just land you your next job, next sale, or next opportunity.

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